Winning the War for Talent on Veterans Day and Every Day

Leveraging Alternative Sources of Talent to Augment Your Contingent Hiring Program  

Veterans Day is our opportunity to honor America’s veterans, past and present, for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. After the Veterans Day parades and ceremonies come and go, we can honor veterans year-round by warmly welcoming them into the workforce as they transition from service to civilian life.

Some IQN customers are doing just that. These companies justifiably value the traits that their military veteran workers exemplify—from leadership, accountability and teamwork, to demonstrating a sense of urgency and commitment to mission to success. To proactively source and recruit former service members for hard-to-fill positions in remote locations, these customers are turning to Genesys Talent, an IQN Connect Ecosystem partner that brings together specialized workers with the companies that need them through talent cloud solutions.

Looking Beyond Traditional Staffing Suppliers

New and innovative sources of talent was the key topic at last week’s IQN Community Forum Events in San Francisco and Charlotte. At both events, we had spirited discussions about alternatives to traditional staffing suppliers. Attendees wanted to know more about the different kinds of talent providers and we worked together to define them, which was more challenging than you might think due to the growing pantheon of companies in this space.

At our San Francisco event, IQN Connect partners HIRED and Bartech discussed the importance of using your talent providers to enforce and protect your brand. This is especially key in ultra-competitive markets like the Bay Area. Both partners deliver innovative combinations of services and technology that help create a satisfying candidate experience, while at the same time advancing their clients’ goals to remain (or become) an employer of choice.

Another key topic at our forums was how IQN customers can get started using new sources of talent. We did not reach a consensus, and that’s fine as company needs vary. One of my favorite sayings, after all, about IQN’s clients is “The only thing that’s the same about them is that they are all unique!” There was agreement that the best first step is to talk to the business needing the talent to discover under-served areas. You can then consider bringing in a talent provider like HIRED or Genesys who can fill that gap.

Regardless of your approach to alternative sources of talent, IQN VMS represents the heart of your contingent talent ecosystem. We’re stepping up and meeting customer demands as the first in the VMS industry to offer a consolidated, multi-sourced Talent Pool offering. Our solution creates a seamless environment that interconnects all sources of pre-identified talent, including private and supplier-submitted talent pools, along with online freelance marketplaces, accessible from your IQN VMS platform.

If your organization is an IQN VMS customer, you can turn to IQN Connect Partners such as Genesys and Hired as a source for difficult-to-find talent. You can also leverage our new private Talent Pool functionality to create a self-sourcing environment for your organization to directly engage with a wide mix of qualified non-employee workers, including:

  • Knowledgeable retirees and other former workers, both full-time and contingent, who offer years of intellectual property and could hit the ground running on your project
  • Prior “silver medalists” who were among the top candidates for a full-time role at your organization and can bring with them already vetted skills and experiences
  • Contract talent who may have submitted a resume or reached out to you based on referrals, social media, job fairs, etc.

If you need more convincing before you jump on the alternative talent sourcing bandwagon, I suggest you read a two-part series on “When Rogue Spend is Good: The Case for Online Work Platforms,” by Andrew Karpie, Research Director, Services and Labor Procurement, Spend Matters. Karpie, who joined with IQN and our customers at the IQN Community Forum events in Chicago and San Francisco, builds the case for the new technology-enabled sourcing channels emerging outside of the spend management scope.

When you’re ready to revolutionize your talent management strategies with alternative talent sources, IQN and our IQN Connect partners are here at the forefront, ready to help you win the war for talent. Contact an IQN expert for more information.

Brian Hoffmeyer
As head of Product Marketing, my goal is to be the voice of IQN to the markets we serve as well as to listen to our clients, prospective clients, analysts and partners, and then work to incorporate what I hear into IQN’s products. Product Marketing works closely with Product Strategy to define our product roadmap and with our Sales and Marketing teams to ensure they have the tools they need to do their jobs. Follow me on Twitter: @chezhoff
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