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Our Global Account Management program is about partnership. We help you deliver a best-in-class contingent workforce management program while you help us drive innovative, mission-critical, client-led VMS technology.

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A Focus on Customer Success

The IQN Global Account Management (GAM) program isn’t just about helping you navigate IQNavigator. It’s also about empowering you to create a stronger contingent workforce management (CWM) program overall. We help you achieve this by partnering with you in various ways throughout our engagement.

Your IQN Global Account Director:

  • Leads you through the effective implementation of your IQN Compass VMS solution
  • Helps you strategically prioritize your objectives
  • Ensures a seamless transition from the sales and implementation phases to you leveraging your VMS solution
  • Helps you achieve the most value in the shortest amount of time—while meeting the needs of your entire organization

Throughout our engagement, we help you set and reset your program objectives so you can better respond to the changing nature of your industry and the shifting contingent workforce landscape. Here are some key ways our Global Account Management program aligns with your contingent workforce program:

Ongoing Partnership

We maintain a deep understanding of your contingent workforce and business objectives while ensuring a positive customer experience.

CWM Best Practices

Our industry expertise, combined with the IQN Community and extended partner ecosystem, provide you the insight and best practices for a best-in-class CWM program.

Executive Sponsorship

IQN leaders work closely with Global Account Directors and your company executives to ensure you’re optimizing your IQN solution.

A Collective Vision

Our IQN Compass roadmap is driven by our customers, so your program managers and end users will play a pivotal role in a collective vision for our platform and the future of CWM.

Industry-Leading Best Practices

With the contingent workforce growing steadily around the world, today’s CWM programs face new challenges. But you’re also presented with new opportunities to have a positive impact on the business. According to analyst firm Ardent Partners:

“Best-in-class enterprises have developed contingent workforce management programs that rely on a series of next-generation capabilities and solutions to drive ultimate value from non-traditional talent while supporting overall business growth.”

IQN customers benefit from industry-leading best practices and services accessible throughout the Global Account Management engagement, including:

Program-ready toolkits provide templates that save valuable cycle time and help your program optimize quickly.

Our maturity model provides program governance to identify key strategies for enhancing program success.

Best practices support supplier management, cost savings, risk mitigation, benchmarking, program performance and more.

Periodic Technology Reviews take a fresh look at how your IQN configuration meets your current program objectives.

Comprehensive playbooks show you how to unlock additional savings and insight through field-tested approaches.

Quarterly Business Reviews update you on the IQN organization, the IQN platform, our roadmap, and industry trends.

From a successful implementation to shared best practices to Quarterly Business Reviews, we ensure you unleash and sustain the value of your IQN Compass solution while helping you optimize your CWM program.

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