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Our engaged community of clients, partners, suppliers and industry leaders provides a dynamic environment for sharing industry insight and best practices. It also helps us deliver on our commitment to client-led innovation.

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A Powerful Forum for Contingent Workforce Management

Things change fast for today’s global enterprises. That’s why you reach out beyond the four walls of your organization—for new insights and information that will help you meet the shifting demands of your contingent workforce program.

While our primary focus is delivering innovative contingent workforce management (CWM) solutions to our clients, we are also dedicated to promoting an environment of collaboration. IQN Community helps you stay informed about our product, what’s trending, best practices and future strategies. Our collaborative, engaged IQN Community includes:

  • IQN Customers – they share their CWM best practices with other IQN customers through IQN and other industry events; they also help drive our solutions through our active, ongoing engagement with program managers, partners and end users around the globe
  • IQN Connect Partners – by joining forces with our Solutions Partners, Services Partners and Infrastructure Partners, we can deliver a modern talent management experience and help you manage your contingent workforce intelligently and strategically
  • Industry Experts – they continually provide valuable independent and objective research and insights into the contingent workforce and services procurement marketplace

IQN Community Events

IQN Community events create the opportunity for program leaders, users and partners to gather. They can help you expand your network of peers and share best practices, insights and industry innovation that can benefit contingent workforce programs. IQN Community events include:

  • IQN Community Online – facilitated by IQN, these regular webcasts feature IQN thought leaders, strategic IQN partners, industry experts, and IQN customers, and revolve around current and future IQN Compass platform functionality, plus topics trending in the contingent workforce space
  • IQN Community Forums – held in key cities, they offer customers and prospects the opportunity to expand their network of like-minded peers and strengthen connections with industry thought leaders
  • IQN Client Advisory Councils – offer live and online opportunities for industry-leading clients to come together to help guide IQN platform development and discuss best practices and recommendations for CWM and services procurement

Staying Connected

IQN customers and partners stay informed about IQN Compass platform developments and industry trends through numerous communication channels:

  • Monthly Release Notes – they’re easily accessible through our SupportIQN portal and provide detailed information about new features, platform improvements and more
  • IQN Compass platform messages – users receive real-time messages in the IQN platform about new and upcoming enhancements, industry events and other timely information
  • IQNavigator blog – where IQN, our partners and industry leaders share what they’re seeing in the changing contingent workforce landscape
  • IQN Customer Newsletter – with featured articles about industry trends, program best practices, and IQN Compass developments, plus IQN Community event announcements
  • Quarterly Business Reviews – conducted for clients and partners, they offer updates on the IQN organization, IQN platform, our roadmap, industry trends, and the global contingent workforce marketplace
  • IQNavigator Online Forum (I-ON) – offers clients and partners a place to learn about the latest platform releases, provide feedback to IQN experts, and communicate with each other about business challenges and solutions

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