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We have hundreds of successful IQN implementations under our belts. We know how to keep your implementation project on strategy, on budget, and on time.

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Best-Practices for VMS Implementation and Support

IQNavigator is committed to helping you unleash and maximize the value of your IQN solution while helping you optimize your investment in your contingent workforce. Our Professional Services Organization offers you:

Unmatched expertise from hundreds of successful implementation projects

Broad global rollout experience ensures a localized approach to multi-country deployments

More than 700 integrations allow us to quickly integrate your VMS with other internal systems and accelerate VMS deployment

From the minute you go live with your IQN Compass VMS solution, we partner with you throughout our engagement to support you, guide you and empower you. You have access to day-to-day tactical support in critical areas, including:

  • Program optimization
  • Program governance
  • VMS technical configuration
  • Business intelligence
  • Client-tailored, global deployment strategies
  • SOW expertise across the services procurement spectrum


Your sights are set on leveraging a VMS platform to effectively manage your non-employee workforce for competitive advantage. Soon, your HR and Procurement managers, employees and contingent workers around the globe will depend on your VMS solution day to day to invoice suppliers, report project time, source contingent workers and more.

But consider this:

  • Do you have a solid strategy for achieving the full value of your VMS solution?
  • Will your vms implementation team support you in gathering, documenting and validating internal requirements?
  • Is your vms implementation process well-defined with measurable results?
  • What steps will you take to minimize disruption when implementing your solution?
  • Do you understand how to engage your supply base once your VMS solution is implemented?
  • Have you developed a change management strategy for communicating new processes, training users, conducting user-acceptance testing and managing risk?
  • Can you count on not just successfully implementing your VMS solution, but successfully integrating it into your organization?


A best-practices approach to CWM starts with a best-practices approach to implementing your VMS solution. IQN partners with you to understand your business, corporate culture and strategic CWM objectives prior to implementation. From there, we implement your IQN Compass VMS solution using our LaunchIQN methodology:

  • Developed from hundreds of successful implementations with companies around the world
  • Built on standard, repeatable processes and specialized toolkits for each type of service category and geography
  • Backed by unmatched expertise and global implementation experience
  • Reduces project risk and costs and helps you deliver greater program success faster
  • Following implementation, we partner with you to leverage your end-to-end IQN solution through the lifecycle of your contingent workforce

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