IQN offers you centralized access to your network of suppliers—and quick access to quality, vetted contingent labor.

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IQN’s rich global supplier network

IQN has more than 25,000 suppliers utilizing our IQN Compass VMS platform. And we have a 98%+ supplier adoption rate. So the majority of the suppliers that MSPs will recommend for your contingent workforce management program are already in IQN’s extensive global supplier network. They’re also familiar with our platform and the benefits of participating in a CWM program driven by IQN Compass, including:

  • Cost savings – through more efficient candidate sourcing and management
  • Real-time visibility – into requisitions, current contingent workers, previous contingent workers including performance metrics, and more
  • Process efficiencies – automated contingent workforce and SOW management processes, which accelerate sourcing, onboarding, management, invoicing and offboarding
  • Faster payment processing – streamlined invoicing with automated and detailed reconciliation reporting
  • Proactive notifications – automatic email notifications that keep suppliers up-to-date on critical actions such as new requisitions and approvals

How are suppliers added to IQN?

After we receive a request from a customer to add a supplier to our network, we work with the supplier on the registration and setup process. If you are a supplier who would like to be added to IQN, please work directly with your customer contact. We look forward to having you aboard!



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