Vendor Management System

Beeline + IQN Compass VMS automates the end-to-end management of all types of contingent labor. What’s more, we’ll partner with you throughout your engagement with us to see you’re getting the greatest value possible from our technology and your contingent workforce program.

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Beeline + IQN Compass VMS platform: Managing your contingent labor, intelligently

You’re investing big resources and budget in your contingent labor. But is your investment giving you big returns?

Probably not, if you don’t have quick access to quality contingent talent, you can’t manage this workforce centrally, you’re spending too much for certain skillsets, and you lack automated controls for secure onboarding and offboarding.

Our highly secure software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform can help you tackle these challenges and more, so you can get the most from your investment in this vital workforce. The Beeline + IQN Compass Vendor Management System (VMS) covers the full spectrum of your program management needs—including Contingent Workforce Management, Statement of Work, and Headcount Tracking solutions.

Contingent Workforce Management

Your contingent workforce is invaluable to you…and complex. The Beeline + IQN VMS platform can help―with end-to-end visibility, plus flexibility, scalability, cost savings, risk mitigation and supplier management.


Statement of Work

SOW services are woven into nearly all internal business functions. Yet research shows that 76% of enterprises aren’t adequately managing and controlling SOW services. The solution? Real-time visibility and control.


Headcount Tracking

Your HRIS system is built for tracking your employees—not your contingent workforce. Beeline + IQN Compass VMS gives you the headcount analysis and reporting that ensures you have the full picture of every contingent worker around the globe.


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