Headcount Analysis and Reporting

Can you track and report on every contingent worker at every site around the globe? More than half of enterprises can’t. The result? Excessive spend, compliance risk and more.

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The Rewards—and Risk—of Your Contingent Workforce

Your contingent workforce offers you a competitive advantage. Managed effectively, it reduces cost, provides quick access to highly specialized skillsets, accelerates project timelines, and so on.

But the contingent workforce is growing and employment laws are intensifying. You’re faced with increasing pressure to thoroughly track every member of your global contingent workforce―from freelancers and independent contractors to SOW labor and temporary workers. Yet consider this:

Research and advisory firm Ardent Partners estimates that the average organization only maintains visibility into 45% of their overall contingent labor.

Without any sort of headcount reporting, this exposes countless enterprises to:

  • Unnecessary facility and data risk
  • Compliance issues
  • Out-of-control spend
  • The inability to leverage contingent labor for maximum value
Headcount Analysis - Headcount Reporting
Headcount Analysis | Headcount Reporting

Headcount and Spend Tracking

The Beeline + IQN Compass Vendor Management System (VMS)—which includes Contingent Workforce Management, SOW and Headcount Tracking solutions (headcount analysis and headcount reporting)―gives you the visibility you need to effectively manage your global contingent workforce. The Beeline + IQN Compass Headcount Tracking solution offers headcount analysis and headcount reporting capabilities that help you ensure compliance with government regulations, align with corporate policies, control contingent spend, and protect your valuable company assets. The solution enables you to:

  • Gain full visibility into both onsite and offsite contingent workers around the world
  • Track each worker’s supplier, responsible manager, work location, labor type, start and end dates, certifications and training, and other important information
  • Track and report on contingent worker spend by various criteria such as geographic location and job title
  • View details on each worker’s past assignments and performance
  • Track the equipment used by your contingent workers
  • Eliminate the potential for hiding headcount through not-so-temporary workers, consultants who are repeatedly extended, and project-based workers
  • View supplier records on compliance and worker quality
  • Integrate your headcount data with your provisioning and access security systems, especially important when offboarding your contingent workers
  • Reduce risks from ‘do-not-rehire’ situations

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