Workforce VMS Technology

A best-in-class VMS can help you get the most from your contingent labor. Our innovative VMS technology will help you optimize this workforce and manage the entire lifecycle of every contingent worker around the globe.

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Beeline + IQN Compass helps you manage your contingent workforce easily and intelligently. How?


Through our VMS technology that is scalable in a secure SaaS architecture, with embedded workforce analytics, localized capabilities, and mobility features.

SaaS Architecture

A true SaaS solution, Beeline + IQN Compass provides complete data security in addition to a modern architecture that ensures the highest possible scalability.


Security & Compliance

Beeline + IQN has taken significantly more steps than any other VMS provider to protect customer data and deliver ongoing peace of mind.


Workforce Analytics

Beeline + IQN embedded analytics gives you deep insight into your contingent workforce plus 15 years of exclusive research, for powerful, data-driven decision-making.


Global Workforce Management

Whether you’re looking to expand your existing solution to other countries or you’re in need of a single solution to manage all of your procurement services globally, Beeline + IQN Compass VMS has the proven vms technology and flexibility needed to get the job done.


Mobile Workforce Management

The global workforce is on the move. Hiring managers need access to project and contingent worker information when away from their desks. Contingent workers want the flexibility to submit time cards and expense reports anywhere, anytime.


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