Global Workforce Management

Whether you’re looking to expand your existing solution to other countries or you’re in need of a single solution to manage all of your procurement services globally, IQN’s VMS has the proven technology and flexibility needed to get the job done.

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Global Workforce Management + Local Expertise

Whether you need a premier global MSP partner or are looking to self-manage your sourcing and procurement programs, we have the flexibility, partnerships and knowledge to help your company expand globally with confidence and speed in today’s competitive markets.

Our team works in tandem with our customers, local staffing agencies, legal partners, and personnel on the ground to stand up global programs using best practices developed to meet local requirements and compliance needs in every region of the world.


IQNavigator offers global localization in more than 40 countries throughout the world. From language- and currency-specific data to local compliance, taxation and automatic reporting, our global coverage gives you the tools, data and flexibility to manage your contingent labor and SOW/project spending on virtually every continent in the world.


Operate globally with invoicing capabilities designed to meet the needs of each region. IQN’s invoicing capabilities are secure, country-specific, and consistently updated with the latest changes, ensuring your process needs are complete from start to finish.


IQN’s tax engine includes the ability to calculate multilevel taxes and VAT, GST and other invoice-accounted taxes. Rate changes are tracked and updated to accurately assess the tax on invoices produced by the system.


of IQNavigator customer spending is outside the United States.

We are localized in 40+ countries and currently operate in 135+ countries.

We offer a 24×7 Services Delivery Center.

Our software is currently available in 16 languages, with new languages and dialects regularly released.

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