SaaS Architecture

IQNavigator provides complete data security in addition to a modern, mature SaaS architecture—for the highest possible scalability, 99.9% system availability and optimal performance.

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Built Right, From the Start

Coordinating workflows across millions of users requires an architecture that provides transactional integrity at high volumes. IQNavigator utilizes a modernized version of its cloud-based architecture that was conceptualized in 1999. Our architecture leverages business logic written 100% in Java, with all customer data stored in Oracle Exadata Database Machines and running only on Unix servers.

IQN Compass VMS offers customers:

  • Extreme scalability
  • High system availability
  • Unmatched data security

Industry-leading SLAs help ensure performance and guarantee customers will never outgrow the system or have anything less than a highly responsive and available user experience.

Benefits of SaaS Architecture

As a true software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, IQN Compass VMS ensures our customers:

  • Are always on the newest version and infrastructure
  • Don’t experience disruptions due to upgrades or re-implementation, regardless of time zone
  • Never have to wait for new capabilities to be provided in their environment
  • Always have real-time access to the full history of contingent jobs, candidates, and assignments
  • Benefit from global roll-up reporting across all types of spending

IQN customers are guaranteed a true, modern and mature architecture that will always be considered best-of-breed and that supports secure and scalable growth.

The IQN Guarantee

IQNavigator backs the performance and uptime of our SaaS architecture with industry-best service-level agreements.

By the Numbers

Uptime during last 12 months.
Page responses under 1 second.
Revenue in Research & Develoment – twice the industry average.

24×7 availability, including reporting.

20 seconds – typical real-time report run-time.

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