Automated Talent Ontology Machine, ATOM. The industry’s most advanced trend, forecast and benchmarking solution

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IQN’s proprietary Automated Talent Ontology Machine, ATOM, delivers previously unachievable insights on temporary bill rates, time-to-fill, labor demand modeling and industry benchmarking, all driven by scalable data visualization and real-time predictive analytics.

Based on a combination of Data Science methodologies and 15+ years of Contingent and SOW labor data, IQN is delivering the industry’s first and only solution that actually learns from every user interaction, so that it understands client talent management needs better than any human expert or system alone. This is a prime example of innovation and advancement through the unique combination of machine intelligence and human understanding.

“ATOM enables customers and MSP partners to win the war for valued talent by elevating the speed, quality and relevance of the business insights that IQN provides.”

Driving better, smarter contingent workforce program performance, AOTM enhances the user experience and data output offered by providing:

  • Standardized job titles across multiple industries and geographies
  • Job, rate and time-to-fill benchmarks measured across industries, suppliers, job titles, geographies and time
  • Labor and talent trends, predictive models and forecasts related to company spend and job demand
  • Structured data that can be visualized and analyzed by the data reporting platform of choice

The Advantages of ATOM

  • Standardized job titles
  • Job, rate and time-to-fill benchmarks
  • Labor and talent trends
  • Structured data that can be visualized and analyzed

Access ATOM Lite

ATOM Lite data can be downloaded for free via IQNs I-ON Community.


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