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One of the most important elements of making better decisions is access to accurate and timely information. IQN Dashboard Charts and Reports offer end-to-end insight into headcount, spend, SOW projects and more.

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Gain Critical Insight Into Your Program

Turning data into valuable information starts with visibility into contingent transactions—getting a complete picture of your spending and headcount associated with all non-employee workers. Common questions that IQN Compass VMS can help you answer include:

  • Do you know the location and hours (in real time) of each of your contractors?
  • How much do they cost?
  • Who supplied them?

As programs mature, organizations graduate to analyzing data around complex labor categories, such as Statement of Work (SOW) and Industrial Labor. Business intelligence is critical in this area as Program Offices extend transactional analysis of spend and headcount into more complex and detailed program analytics. Common areas of analysis that IQN Compass can help you investigate include:

  • Service catalogs
  • Supplier performance
  • High-volume, high-turnover workflows

Ease Of Use

The ability to analyze the right data is just one aspect of a truly beneficial reporting system. Users must also be able to easily access, share, view and customize the data output. IQN emphasizes ease of use of program information through several key ways:

  • All reports and dashboards are based off of a single platform, single data source
  • All your data is available in one place—global, SOW and contingent (as well as multiple organizations)
  • IQN provides mobile access through both tablets and smartphones
  • Simplified user interface provides “zero training” capabilities to begin running reports and analyzing data from go-live
  • IQN Dashboards are available for all users, and are not restricted by role or by limited number of licenses

IQN Dashboard Charts

Now you can save valuable time and money by ensuring the information you need to frequently access is readily available and easy to understand. With IQN Dashboard Charts, the key data you need to make informed, fast decisions is available at your fingertips. Do you want to see, for example, your company’s total spend quarter-over-quarter, broken down by departments? Or do you need to track how your suppliers are performing? IQN Dashboard Charts deliver this and more.

Offering convenience and efficiency, our configurable Dashboard Charts empower your users to select from a predefined set of specific reporting views. Just drill down for raw data and filter any way you need. By customizing your company’s Dashboard Charts, you can provide decision makers with the most up-to-date program data available in an easy-to-understand manner.

IQN Dashboard Charts include:

  • Requisition by Status
  • Assignments Ending
  • Assignments Count by Location
  • Spend/Assignment Count Comparison
  • Pending Actions
  • System News Messages
  • Activity Feed

IQN Reports

IQN Reports allow users to:

  • Build custom reports “on the fly”
  • See data faster and configure
  • Publish reports to dashboards
  • Share reports with other users in your organization

IQN Starter Reports cover the core areas of program and supplier performance for managing the entire non-employee workforce. In addition, IQN’s custom reporting provides detailed and expansive drill-down capabilities, enabling all users (not just program owners) to create and analyze program reports according to specific business requirements or custom fields.


  • Active contractors
  • Assignments ending
  • Contractor-ends by reason code
  • Active assignments
  • Open job requisitions
  • Tenure

Financial Controls

  • Contractor-invoiced spend
  • Project-invoiced spend
  • Invoiced spend
  • Invoice details
  • Detailed contractor-invoiced spend (including time cards)
  • Unapproved expenditures
  • Program spend

SOW and Projects

  • Active projects

All aspects of IQN Reports (starter and custom) are easily published to a user’s dashboard. This flexible and easy interface allows users to customize their IQN Dashboard to display exactly the metrics and reports important to them.

IQN Reports

Real-Time Information

  • No downtime or waiting for refreshes
  • Necessary for high-volume and global programs

Easily Accessible Data

  • Every list screen is configurable with Google-like search and one-click export
  • Reporting wizard for easy report creation
  • Reporting on ALL data—including client-defined fields

Fast Access

  • Typical report run time is less than 20 seconds
  • Reports can be scheduled and automatically emailed
  • Oracle is 17x more scalable than SQL Server

IQN Dashboard Charts

  • Value – Quickly and easily view and understand your data, driving faster and smarter decision making
  • Personalized Experience – Configure the charts layout based on individual interest and need
  • Details – Interact with your charts and access greater detail through drill-down functionality
  • Connected – Remain connected and informed through updated system news messages and activity feed charts

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